Please help us in keeping our facilities clean. Check off these items before you leave, sign the form and leave it on the counter in fellowship hall.

 Yes   No - 1.  Dishes washed and put away    


 Yes   No - 2.  Floor swept and mopped 


 Yes   No - 3.  Tables in fellowship area cleaned & chairs put back 


 Yes   No - 4.  Trash removed and new liners in trash cans


 Yes   No - 5.  Stove and countertops cleaned


 Yes   No - 6.  Take dishtowels home to be washed & returned

 Yes   No - 7.  Check both bathrooms for trash and make sure water is not running in toilets and sinks.    


 Yes   No - 8.  Clear refrigerator of your items.


 Yes   No - 9.  Turn off air and lights


 Yes   No - 10.  Lock Doors



Signature                                                                                            Date


Just fill out form and submit


Print and turn in to the church office or leave in the Church Fellowship Hall
If you have questions e-mail the church office:



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