Facility Reservation Form

 Facility Reservation Form
If you need to schedule the use of any area or need your event advertised, please fill out the following form so that we can best assist you in scheduling and planning. 
Which area(s) are you requesting? Check all that apply.
 Church Gym
 Church Fellowship Hall
 Reception Hall (Tower Bldg)
 Classroom(s) Specify:
Name of group making request:
Contact Person:
(Who will be the person responsible to open/close the facility; to make sure the facility/equipment is used properly; to be held accountable for any damage or loss of property)
Phone Number:
E-Mail Address: 
Purpose of Event:
Date(s) Requested:
Should This Event Be Publicized In The Church Bulletin?: Yes No
Time Event Will Start:
Hours requested (including set up and tear down): 
Expected number of people in attendance:
Do you need to use tables & chairs?: Yes No - If yes, how many?
Do you need to use a microphone or anything else in the audio/video system? Yes No 
If Yes Specify:
Plese include any other notes that may be helpful for us to know as we schedule your event:
*NO alcoholic beverages are to be consumed or allowed on property
 Just fill out form and submit
Or you can print and turn in to the church office
If you have questions e-mail the church office:

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