From the Pastors Desk

Rev. Harry W. Varn

From The Pastors' Desk - February 14, 2019

Our gathering together on Sunday is a strong testimony to the power of the resurrected Christ to bring together His followers. May we acknowledge His worthiness and bear witness to the hope we have for His return.

I want to take us a bit further into the narrative concerning Jesus calling His first disciples from their boats and nets to follow Him. There is tension in the story on several fronts. One of those is that the soon to be disciples of Jesus feared the nets would break from the large catch of fish. Also, the story reveals that there was such a large number of fish that the "boats began to sink." Now didn't Jesus command Simon to "let down your nets"? Sooo...why were they afraid that the nets and boats were not sufficient to accommodate what Jesus provided? Perhaps the point is that when Jesus provides He does so on all fronts. Just to ease your minds...they made it back to shore with all that Jesus provided.

In His Name,

Pastor Harry


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